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About Vitsø


Sabine Mark, founder of VITSØ, doesn’t see herself as a designer. Even though she conceptualizes and produces each piece of jewelery in the collection, she first and foremost perceives herself as a craftsman. With her background as a construction architect and then basic training at goldsmith in Copenhagen, she has a great respect for the old traditions of goldsmith craft. She founded VITSØ in 2011 after finishing the basic course.


The jewellery is made by Sabine in her workshop in Copenhagen, where she focuses on crafts, art and quality. With names like clips, wings and keys, the collection of VITSØ draws on architecture and functional design as the main sources of inspiration.

All pieces are crafted of the noble metals such as sterling silver and gold. The pure, strong lines, innovative design and high quality are all part of the Danish aesthetic that characterizes VITSØ.


Vitsø is a beautiful but harsh natural environment of Aero in the southern part of Denmark, with so much history.  For Sabine Mark symbolizes VITSØ, strong Nordic forces that have survived many events, but which still retains its timeless look. All values ​​Sabine Mark emphasizes in her jewelry company VITSØ.

 “I appreciate the simple and the complex, which is reflected in many of my collections. I find inspiration from Scandinavian furniture design, architecture or silhouettes of nature., And I enjoy using my previous background as a construction architect to create sources of inspiration, which is then scaled down to jewelry. I make jewelry, that I want to wear.”